iPhone 6 with Wireless Charging

With the release of the iPhone 5S imminent possibly being announced on 10th September, more and more talk is turning to the iPhone 6 . This will be the next big thing from Apple and, judging by the amount of design concepts that are appearing, people are hoping for something very different. Today’s concept comes via a YouTube video uploaded by TechnologyChannel67 and shows a large screen iPhone 6 – 4.7” – with an edge to edge display making it look even bigger. It also shows off a 3D camera, soft keys and wireless charging as well as a surround system.

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Over the months we have seen quite a few iPhone 6 concepts, many of which are similar. It’s clear that there are those who want to see a bigger screen iPhone. It also shows up that an edge-to-edge design would be welcomed, along with wireless charging and a curved display. Right now we are awaiting official confirmation of when the iPhone 5S is going to be launched in the fall. iOS 7 is expected to release to the public around the 19h to the 23rd of September and it would make sense for the new iPhone 5S to be released, if not at the same time, at least pretty close to this date.

Update :

Rumor has it that Apple will be holding a media event on Tuesday 10th September to announce their entire new line up for the coming season and possibly that of next season as well, including the iPhone 6.



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