iPhone 6 with 4.9 inch Screen being Tested

Rumors are starting to fly that Apple are testing an iPhone 6 with a larger screen.  The report comes from a Chinese blog that were responsible for a few credible Apple leaks earlier in the year but it isn’t certain how true these latest rumors are.

Image : iPhone 6 with large screen retina display

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It isn’t the first time that rumors of this nature have been heard but it is easy for snippets of information to be completely misinterpreted and we end up with a game of “Chinese Whispers”.  The blog responsible for this rumor, C Technology, tells us that a 4.9” screen is currently under testing as well as the next variant of the iPhone 5C, also with a bigger screen, although it isn’t clear how big.

This in itself is a little on the puzzling side.  Next year we are supposed to see the iPhone 6, the successor to the iPhone 5S.  That makes the iPhone 5S the successor to the iPhone 5C in 2014 doesn’t it?

To be fair, just because Apple may be looking at and testing larger screen sizes is by no means an indication that we will see one next year, if ever. While most analysts and some of the bigger outlets agree that there will be a larger screen on future iPhones, the actual form factor seems to be the biggest cause of disagreement.

Image : 4.9 inch screen iPhone


We’ve had reports and predictions from Peter Misek of a 4.8” Sharp IGZO screen.  Reuters have come up with screen sizes from 4.7 to 5.7”.  Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal have both chimed in with reports from their sources about bigger iPhones and tablets.  The Wall Street Journal even went so far as to quote sources as saying that the next generation of iPhones could have screens as large as 6”.

Bloomberg and NPD DisplaySearch both say we can expect to see Phones with curved screens of 4.7” and 5.7” being released in the latter half of 2014.  However, this all seems to go against Apple’s very strict notion that any user should be able to operate their iPhone singlehandedly.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think we will see a range of Apple phablets in the near future?

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  1. Love the “FALSE” stated title

    The title: “iPhone 6 with 4.9 inch Screen being Tested”
    That’s what we call a “statement of truth”….however it’s really a FALSE statement backup by the writers own words, “To be fair, just because Apple may be looking at and testing larger screen sizes is by no means an indication that we will see one next year”. The key word being “MAY”.

    False statements, blatant lies and misrepresentation of information is the “motto” of this website and it’s writers.

  2. Thought I was the only one. It’s obvious the writer has an IQ of a squirrel. Just report the facts retard! We don’t need your lame commentary.

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