iPhone 6 Release Date – Sept 17th 2014

Following on from the announcement of their new upgrade option for customers, AT&T seems to have given the clearest indication yet that the iPhone 6 release is due very soon.  They have offered loyal, long-standing customers the option to upgrade their handsets to an iPhone 5 – before their 2 year contracts were up. They are also offering the iPhone 5 for the reduced price for just $199.

Image : iPhone 6 Concept

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It could be that AT&T are trying to make room for the next lot of stock, the new iPhone . This is a common practice for carriers and AT&T always clear out old stock around a month before a new model is expected.

By making this offer AT&T could be achieving 2 results. One is to get customers tied in to a further 2 year contract and the other is to get an extra $100 for the iPhone 5s – the price will, as it always does, drop to $99 when the new handset arrives. In this way, the carrier gets the maximum amount of profit – in 2 ways.

Although Apple has not given us any official confirmation of the next iPhone – iPhone 6 , they did tell us that there would be noting released before fall. iOS 8.1 is expected to be released to the public in October  , although that could have been pushed back a bit by the recent security breach of the development center portal.

Image : iPhone 6 Images

Its long been standard that, when Apple release a new firmware a new handset goes with it but, with AT&T literally throwing phones at people, it’s looking likely that the iPhone 6 could appear next month.

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Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will have a retina IGZO display, 13 megapixel rear camera, A7 quad-core processor and will feature wireless charging with an extra storage option of 128 GB.

In the absence of any official announcement, it’s a continuation of the waiting game.



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