iPhone 6 Release Date Sometime Between Sept 22 – Dec 20

Apple’s new firmware, iOS 7 is due to be released in the fall, probably towards the end of September, although the recent security attack may push this back a little. Normally, when they release a new iOS they release a new iPhone to go with it. So, we could expect the iPhone 6 to be released anywhere between September 22 and December 20th. Why these dates ? Because these are the official start and end dates of fall and, as Apple has not actually confirmed any dates it could be anywhere in that time frame.

apple iphone 6 release date

Last year, iOS 6 was released on September 19th along with the iPhone 5. This was exactly 100 days from the date of announcement. So, if Apple continues to follow their own set formula, iOS 7 could be released as early as September 18th. At the moment we are on beta 3 of the firmware with 4 expected any time soon.

Although we, and many others speculate on it being the iPhone 6 being released next, we mustn’t forget the rumors of the iPhone 5S and the budget handset.  It is normal for Apple to release an upgrade around a year after their flagship, with a brand new handset being released every 2 years. So, that tells us that it may be the iPhone 5S to be released next.

Apple has made no official announcements about what is being released and when. All they will say is that nothing will be out before fall but that they have an impressive lineup to come over the next 12 months.

We do know that one of the new models will have an A7 quad-ore processor, possibly NFC, a 13 megapixel rear camera and a better battery. It may also have expanded storage up to 128GB. Which one? That’s a case of wait and see.