iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

With the iPhone 5 heading for a year old, many are wondering what the iPhone 6 or 5S is going to offer us. Here’s a round-up of all the rumors we’ve heard so far:

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 ?


The 5S and the 6 are 2 separate phones, not the same with different names. Nobody knows if the 5S will be released followed by the 6 or if the 5S has been scrapped.

Release Date :

Some say summer, some say fall. Some devices are expected to  be announced in summer. Verizon have already slashed the price of the iPhone 5 and Foxconn are employing an extra 10,000 workers per week.

Casing :

Plastic is the buzzword at the moment. There are rumors of a plastic iPhone but this is now thought  to be the iPhone Mini, not the iPhone 6.


Another rumor says the next iPhone will have NFC and a better battery. NFC has not been announced officially.

iOS 7 :

ios 7 3d View

iOS 7 is with the developers and is expected to be released in the fall. That lends credence to the rumors of at least one new handset this year.

Storage :

One rumor says that the iPhone 6 will come with storage options of 16, 32, 64 and 128GB of storage space.

Home Button :

Apparently the iPhone 6 will have a massive IGZO display and no home button.

Display :

The iPhone 6 could be an IGZO technology, full HD affair. It could  be in 2 different sizes as well. Other rumors include magic morphing technology and a transparent screen.

Processor :

The iPhone 5 has  Dual Core A6, the iPhone 6 will have  Quad Core A7.

Camera :

The iPhone 6 will have a 13 megapixel camera,although not so big.

Eye Tracking :

It’s possible that the iPhone 6 will have motion tracking of some description.

Better 4G LTE :

The iPhone 6 should be able to broadcast 4G LTE on more frequencies.

802.11ac Wi-Fi :

This is the highest speed Wi-Fi available right now and it’s almost certain it will be on the iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging :

This is a possibility and it may be capable of charging multiple devices.