iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Point (Again) To September

Here we are again with yet more rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6.  While it was originally thought that the iPhone 6 would be released in 2014, some things are pointing towards it being this year instead. For starters, to go along with the overhauled iOS 7 firmware, many are expecting to see a brand new device to showcase it on. This says that the iPhone 5S will be dropped in favor of the 6 in September.


Obviously, everybody has their own opinions and, in the absence of any firm information from Apple themselves, speculation is all we have. Phil Moore from the Stabley Times reckons that Apple is going to old a huge media event on September 10th to reveal the iPhone 6 and then release it on September 20th.

iOS 7 Release Date :

He also believes that 10th September is when the final cut of iOS 7 will be revealed. Again, it’s not clear if this is when it will actually be released or not.  Beta 3 was only released last week and, to date, all Apple has committed to is that the new firmware will be released in the fall sometime.  Going on Apple’s history, the firmware will be publicly released shortly before the next in the lineup of iPhones is released.

iPhone 6 Release Date :

Apple also normally holds some sort of media event on either the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. This is to tell us what’s going to be out in time for the holiday season and it’s thought that the iPhone 5S or 6 will be announced at this event.  However, the second Wednesday of September is 11th which is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the USA so it’s not likely that their event will be held then.

As well as the iPhone 6 there is a good chance that other new devices will be ready for the holiday season, possibly the iPod Touch 6 and maybe even the iWatch, although that one isn’t really likely to happen this year. One device that the Stabley Times does not talk about is the iPhone Mini, the budget handset. Some say it will also be released in September alongside the new flagship, while others say it will be the first out.

Right now, the iPhone 5 is falling in price fast. Most of the big US carriers are offering substantial discounts for those who take out a new 2 year contract. This indicates that a big release is expected soon and that it could well be the iPhone 6. Or the iPhone 5S. Nobody knows and, until September, we will have to continue with the guesswork and speculation.