iPhone 6 Release Dates: When will it Launch ?

The latest iPhone rumors are saying that there will be an Apple media event on September 10th with the iPhone 6 releasing on September 20th.  Apple will not confirm or deny any information regarding the iPhone 6 or iOS 7 release dates.

What’s happened to the iPhone 5S ?


Up until now, it was thought that the 5S  was releasing in September, followed by the iPhone 6 in 2014.  Speculation about the iPhone 5S says it will be the same size as the iPhone 5, slightly upgraded inside, a better camera and iOS 7.

While the norm is for a flagship every 2 years with an upgrade in between, it looks as though this year is going to change that, with the iPhone 5S out the window.

Where does the budget iPhone Mini fit in ?

iphone mini (10)

Its long been expected to see the budget iPhone, released in the autumn. This model is possibly in production, judging by the leaked images, although there has been no official release date.

Will the iPhone 6 release simultaneously with iOS 7 ?


Normally, a new firmware is rolled out just before a new device. It’s thought that iOS 7 will be released on to current supported devices in the autumn alongside the new iPhone.

Will the iPhone 6 be revealed on Sept 10th and then release on September 20th?

If the predictions are correct then it’s likely that the media event on September 10th will be the forum for revealing the iPhone 6 and iOS 7. This would  be followed by release of the iPhone on September 20th. Going on previous years we could expect to see the iPhone 6 ready for pre-orders on September 13th and going into full shipping a week later on 20th.

How much is the iPhone 5 being reduced by, in preparation?

Across the US, iPhone 5 prices have seen a dramatic reduction. Best Buy has knocked 25% off, now selling at $149 with the iPhone 4S at $49 on a contract. Wal-Mart has followed suit as have all major carriers.  This normally happens when a new model is due for release so watch this space.



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