iPhone 6 Pictures – Concept

Since iOS 7 made its developers debut in June, the rumor mill has started up again, this time about the iPhone 6 . Or is it the iPhone 5S ? It could even be the budget phone.  Nobody seems very clear on exactly what is going to come out the Apple compound next.  We think we know that an iPhone Mini is being released – that’s the budget iPhone. We thought we knew that the iPhone 5S would b released in September with the iPhone 6 in 2014.

Image : iPhone 6

iphone-6-color-1 iphone-6-color-2 iPhone_6_mockup_520

ADR_Iphone6_04 ADR_Iphone6_05 iphone-6-concept-1 ADR_Iphone6_01 ADR_Iphone6_03 ADR_Iphone6_02

However, recent rumors seem to be saying that the iPhone 5S has been scrapped and the 6 will now be the next generation of iPhone to be released, probably this year.   There are also the rumors of the iPhone 6 being available in 2 screen sizes – 4.8” and 5.7”. But, hang in a minute, Apple don’t do big screens on their iPhones do they? They always said they wouldn’t anyway, but perhaps keeping up with market trends, and their competitors has suddenly become vital to them.

iPhone-6-Concept-Design iPhone-Plus-Blanc-Studio-01 iPhone-Plus-Blanc-Studio-02 iPhone-Plus-Noir-Blanc-Studio iPhone-Plus-Noir-Studio-01

So, we don’t know what’s being released, or when. But, it’s pretty certain that there will be an iPhone 6, whether it’s this year or next. Whether it has a larger screen or not is something we’ll have to wait and see but it will have better internal hardware. It will most likely be running on an A7 quad-core processor, it will have a better batter and it may be available in an extra storage size, 128GB.

Search the internet and you will find iPhone 6 concepts galore.  Some of them are really nice, smooth looking ones; others need a bit of refinement. And yet others call it the iPhone 6 but it’s probably the iPhone 5S.

So, in September, we expect to see at least one new device. 5S or 6 – who knows ?