iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features

The iPhone 5 will soon be a year old. On its launch, although it was one of the biggest selling smartphones of all time, it didn’t get quite the rave reception it was hoped for. Perhaps because not too much had been added or changed, perhaps because the iOS was looking just a little limp and tired.  That’s changed with iOS 7 so now’s the time to start looking at the next iPhone. Here are 11 of the top most wanted features for the iPhone 6 :

Biometric Security :

biometric security iphone 6

Not a real requirement but would be easier than having to remember passcodes. Could also be used in conjunction with NFC.

Built-in IR :

galaxy s4 ir remote

Samsung has it on the S4 so the iPhone 6 should have the ability to be used as a remote control, if only to keep up with its competition.

Integrated Activity Tracker :

Activity-Jawbone Up iphone 6

These are the in-thing right now so perhaps it’s about time an iPhone had one. After all, the iPhone has all the different sensors you could ever need so why not a tracker ?


NFC-iPhone 6

Apple has steered clear of this so far but with all the talk about making more use of PassBook it might be such a bad thing. iOS 7 doesn’t seem to have NFC support though so it’s not looking like it will be on the iPhone 6.

Storage :

With the iPad being given a 128GB storage option, it make sense for the next generation of iPhone to have the same, even though it would be quite a bit more expensive.

Improved Siri :

iOS 7 already unveiled some improvements to Siri but it perhaps needs a little more refining before it’s truly the voice of the future.

Built-in Charging :


Again, a strong possibility, but with a more distant model of iPhone, it’s not likely that it will be incorporated in the iPhone 6 although they could ship it with a charging mat if they wanted to.

Custom Home Screen/Widgets :

Android users can add widgets and make their phones more user-friendly. Apple devices can be if they are jailbroken but perhaps it’s time for Apple to add in a little more customization for their users.

Fast Processor and 3D :

apple a7 processor

The processor in the iPhone 6 could well be a quad-core A7 chip. If not then it has to be at least an improved A6.

Larger Display :


It’s been rumored that the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen, even though Apple has tried to stay away from this. It’s not likely to happen, at least not with this model, perhaps a later one.

Better Battery :

Every iPhone user wants a better battery; it’s one of the single biggest complaints – the battery is forever needing charging.  Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will have a better battery and, with all the features in iOS 7, it will need it.

So, there are 11 of the top features that some may want to see on the next iPhone 6.  Obviously, this list is endless and we couldn’t possibly list everything. If you can think of any other features you really want to see, tell us what they are and why.