iPhone 6 Jailbreak

Sometime in the near future we expect to see the iPhone 6 , whether it is in September of this year with iOS 7 or next year sometime.  When it arrives it is apparently going to have a larger screen than normal with a far better resolution and an upgraded A7/ A9 processor.  However, the same restrictions will be in place so you will probably want to think about jailbreaking your iPhone 6 when you get it.

What are the Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone 6 ?


Jailbreaking allows you root access to the iOS system on your iPhone 6. Once you have this, by using any of the numerous tweaks, themes and mods available in the Cydia Store you can customize your iPhone 6 exactly as you see fit instead of being stuck with what Apple dictates.  Should anything go wrong with your iPhone after jailbreaking, Apple will void your warranty. However, you can carry out a simple restore via iTunes and remove all traces of the jailbreak, before you take your iPhone 6 in for warranty work.

What is the difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking the iPhone 6 ?

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It is a common misconception that jailbreaking means that your iPhone 6 will be unlocked. It’s also not always correct that, by jailbreaking your iPhone 6 you will easily be able to unlock it.  Most devices can be IMEI unlocked either through the carrier or through a third-party vendor for a small fee.

Jailbreaking is the act of breaking into the root system to modify your iPhone 6; unlocking is the act of removing the lock the carrier has put on the SIM to enable you to use any carrier SIM card. They are not the same process.

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How to Jailbreak your iPhone 6 Safely :

When the time comes to jailbreak your iPhone 6 make sure you get the right utility. Jailbreak teams such as Evad3rs, responsible for the highly successful Evasi0n Jailbreak tool (image below) , can be trusted and, indeed they are currently working on a jailbreak for iOS 7 which the iPhone 6 will more than likely be running. Reputable jailbreak teams will also provide a full support system in case of problems. So, let’s take a look at how to jailbreak:

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  1. First of all, ensure that the jailbreak utility fully supports the iOS version you are running and the iPhone 6 baseband.  You can check this on the jailbreak website.
  2. Download the latest version of iTunes
  3. Make sure your iPhone 6 has been fully updated to the latest iOS that the jailbreak will support.
  4. Download the iPhone 6 jailbreak utility
  5. Make sure your iPhone 6 is connected to your PC and then open the jailbreak utility by double clicking the desktop icon.
  6. The utility will identify your iPhone 6 and will ask if you want to start the jailbreak – yes
  7. At some point during the process you will be asked to place your iPhone 6 into DFU mode. Full instructions on how to do this will be given but, briefly, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, release the power button and continue to hold Home for a further 10 seconds. Your screen will be black. iphone 5 dfu
  8. Follow all instructions given within the process and make sure you agree to install Cydia on your iPhone 6.
  9. Once the process has completed successfully your iPhone 6 will reboot back to your Home screen.
  10. You can now access Cydia, using the icon on your Home screen and start browsing for tweaks.ios 7 jailbreak untethered cydia

You can, if you want, go ahead and unlock your iPhone 6 after it is jailbroken. The probability of there being any software available to do it free of charge is remote though as support for this seems to have stopped with the iPhone 4.  There are so many other cheap options for unlocking your iPhone 6 that it really isn’t worth the time and effort it takes the hackers to develop the tools – their time is better spent on jailbreak utilities.

Either contact your carrier and see if they will do it or find a reputable third-party vendor on the internet and have the IMEI unlocked for a small fee.

Remember, jailbreaking is completely reversible and, should anything go wrong, a reputable jailbreak team will always provide full support to get you back up and running. It is very rare however, that jailbreak tools, such as Evasi0n, do any damage to the devices they are being used on. This will only happen if you use a disreputable one.

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