iPhone 6 in Gold – Designers Concept of Upcoming iPhone

Now that all the fuss has died down over the iPhone 5S and 5C, concept designers are turning to the iPhone 6.  Earlier this year, we saw quite a few concepts, partly because one rumor told us the new iPhone for this year would be the iPhone 6.  Obviously, that was not the case and, the re-emergence of a previous one has prompted a few more to come out of the woodwork.

Image : iPhone 6 in Gold Tone


One comes from a well-known designer, Martin Hajek and was showcased on Nowhereelse.com, a French blog.  It shows the iPhone 6 looking very much like one of the new iPad Air’s or Mini shrunk down to iPhone size.

Gold iPhone 6 Features :

It features a large edge-to-edge display, something that some predict will actually be used on the iPhone 6 next year.  It does not have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner though and, to be honest, it’s a design that Apple will most likely never touch.

Les face it, Apple has spent in excess of $350 million dollars acquiring the fingerprint technology, and the chances of it being dropped from future devices are non-existent.  It has been noted as well that this concept was designed before the iPhone 5S came out.  It’s a bit of a mystery why Hajek didn’t change his design before releasing it but, being shown off in Gold, it does look like a nice design.

Image : More Gold iPhone 6 phone concepts



gold iphone 6 stand

One other thing of note – there are no cellular antenna on this iPhone 6 concept.  The concept does have some elements that are perfectly possible on the next generation of iPhone but the real thing isn’t going to look anything like this.  However, another rumor does tell us that the iPhone 6, as well as being edge-to-edge, will also have a full HD display at 5”, bigger than Apple has ever gone before.

Tell us what you think of this design.  Would you buy an iPhone 6 looking like this?

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