iPhone 6 Heavily Rumored for Release in June 2014

With the iPhone 5S and 5C now in wide circulation, attention turns to the iPhone 6. Back in May, Peter Misek sent out an investors note predicting that the iPhone 6 would be released next summer.

Image : Concept iPhone 6 Model


That was followed up by reports that Apple appeared to be working on larger screens for a new iPhone, in particular 4.7” and 5.5”.  Since then, not much has been said as most people turned their attention to iOS 7 and the new range of products released over the last couple of months.

However, although we have no leaked images or diagrams to show you, the iPhone 6 rumor mill is cranking back up to full swing.  Misek isn’t the only one who believes that a summer release is in the pipeline although this doesn’t fit with Apple’s current release protocol. However, with the way things have been this year, who knows what next year will bring?

It would appear that the rumors have been started this time by a report on a slew of patents hat Apple filed in March, that have just been published, The patents revolve around several new features including flexible displays.

However, just because Apple file these patents it doesn’t meant that the technology presented in them is imminent or, indeed, if it will ever be used.  Ed Valdez of Technorati also seems to think that a June release is in the offing and he offers no less than six reasons why he thinks that.

Three of his reasons are:

  • Apple is currently in the process of shortening the length of time between releases – the iPad 4 was released just 6 months after the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 less than a year after the iPhone 4S iPhone-6-Or-01
  • Apple are desperately trying to keep up with the sped that the tech world is evolving at and to do that, they have to release better products more often
  • Apple has to do something to compete with Samsung iPhone-6-Or-020-678x509

Our thoughts:

  • The iPad 4 was released in time for the holiday season and because there had been significant upgrades made to the dock and to the processor. Also, it’s a tough market out there and only the best will make the grade
  • Another reason for the release was the iPad Mini, released around the same time. Apple needed to release something that was more than the iPad Mini to boost sales
  • The iPhone 5 was only released a little under a year after the iPhone 4S. That doesn’t mean the iPhone 6 will suddenly appear in June and it’s difficult to see Apple cutting their release cycle in half, especially when 2 major iPhones have just been released.

There is perhaps just one reason why the iPhone 6 might be released early and that would be to leave space between the iPhone and the iPad releases.  Other than that, we can’t see any information or any reason that might hint at an early release.

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