iPhone 6 has Dual-Flash LED – Report

Rumors of a dual LED flash on the iPhone have been doing the rounds since 2011. The idea of the dual flash is to help improve the performance of the camera in low light conditions and it looks like we might finally be seeing one – on the iPhone 6. NoWhereElse.fr  has reported that a comparison photo has been posted by Luna Commerce, Chinese retailers. The photo shows the difference between the camera component for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5.


As you can see from the images, the apparent camera component for the iPhone 6 is quite a bit different to the iPhone 5.  The flash and the lens are completely independent of one another whereas on the iPhone 5 the camera and lens are joined by a  ribbon. If this is a genuine image it certainly supports the rumors of a dual LED flash on the iPhone 6. Aside from that, it’s rumored that the 6 will also have a 12, possibly 13, megapixel camera with a Sony sensor.


However, Luna Commerce does not have any sort of track record in producing genuine images or information and this could just be a publicity stunt. What are your thoughts ? Will Apple give us an iPhone with a dual LED Flash ?