iPhone 6 Frame Leaked – 2014 Release Expected

It’s a new year and everything that Apple had in the pipeline is now out. We had the new iOS 7, the iPhone 5S and 5C. We’ve had the iPad Air, the iPad Mini 2 and a refreshed line of MacBooks. And, before Christmas, we also got to see the brand new Mac Pro Desktop.

Image : iPhone 6 – Leaked Images


With nothing definite left to look forward to, the rumors have turned in the direction of the next generation of iPhone, currently nicknamed the iPhone 6.  To be fair, the rumors started about this phone early last Spring.

Peter Misek , Jeffries analyst, predicted that the iPhone 6 would appear in June of 2014. At the same time he also told us what he thought would be included in iOS and in the iPhone 5S  – the multicolored choices (the iPhone 5C), much faster processor, better camera and the fingerprint sensor. He also mentioned NFC although that has never materialized and isn’t likely to either.

Image : iPhone 6 concept



Other than that, there has been nothing about the iPhone 6. Apple has not said a word about their next iPhone, although they aren’t likely to until their next WWDC which is some time away yet.  There have been no leaks from anywhere.

That doesn’t stop people from surmising what it’s going to be and what it’s going to have though.  A June release would be somewhat of a surprise though – Apple traditionally makes their big new releases in September/October and, if June was the release date, surely we would have heard something by now ?

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Technorati’s Ed Valdez was of the strong opinion that it would be released by June 2013 – obviously this didn’t happen, no surprises there though.  Since then we have seen reports that Apple is busy working on iPhones with larger screens – namely 4.7” and 5.5”.

There is no real corroboration for this rumor and no substance to it either at the moment. Apple has always said no to larger screens, holding fast to the philosophy that users should be able to handle and use their iPhones with a single hand.

However, 2013 was a huge year of change for Apple so perhaps they will continue it through to this year.  What do you think? Will we see a large screen iPhone, released mid-year? Or will Apple go back to normal and release a normal sized phone in the Fall?

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