iPhone 6 – Foldable Screen Concept

Although many believe that the next handset will be the iPhone 5S, Apple does seem to be in the habit of changing things at the moment. So, while it’s perfectly possible that we will see the 5S, looking almost identical to the iPhone 5 in the fall, it’s also perfectly possible that this will be pulled in favor of the iPhone 6.


So, because we don’t know what’s coming, or when, the concepts are still being designed. Pritesh Chavan has come up with his idea of a foldable iPhone 6. The design is that of an iPhone sized device that unfolds to become a phablet before unfolding further to become a full-sized tablet.

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Unfortunately, while it seems like a neat idea, it isn’t something that Apple is likely to come up with, at least not in the foreseeable future. Apple is already bowing to demands for larger screens and there are rumors that the iPhone 6 could have a 4.8” or even a 5.7” display screen.

The concept is designed on the basis of a flexible display, something which sadly, probably wouldn’t be practical. Unfortunately, no manufacturer has come up with the ability or the tech to be able to make foldable devices although perhaps Apple could put in a patent application for one – they seem to have done it with everything else just recently.

What would be nice is if the talk of a larger screen were going to be true, even if it meant delaying the next iPhone. The iPhone 5S isn’t going to win any prizes, being just an upgrade and with the all new iOS 7 about to be made public perhaps it’s time for something special device wise to show itself.

What do you think of the concept? Is it something you would like to see ? Would you buy one ?



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