iPhone 6 FingerPrint Support seen on iOS 7 beta 4 Code

It looks as though the previous rumors about a fingerprint sensor on a future iPhone have just taken a leap forward. As soon as Beta 4 was released developers eagerly started studying t to see what’s on the way and one developer, Hamza Sood, immediately spotted a very large clue to the sensor.  He found a BiometricKitUI folder along with a written description of how the sensor would be used to unlock the new iPhone.

fingerprint sensor iphone 6

There are no further details at the moment but this does tie in with the rumors, although there hasn’t been any official comment on a fingerprint sensor yet. This is also the first time that anything like this has been spotted in the beta code, although it does make sense. If the sensor is going to be on the next iPhone then Apple will need a little time to make sure it doesn’t have any impact on existing devices. With at least 2, if not 3 betas to go before the GM version, this gives them time to test it.

Possible FingerPrint Sensor on iPhone 6 Home Button :

fingerprint sensor iphone 6

However, unlikely though it may seem, this could just be Apple’s way of diverting attention, by giving the rumor mill something else to grind up. On the other hand, it does add fuel to the fire. The notes indicate, as the rumors previously suggested, that the sensor will be placed directly below the physical home button rather than on the touch display as was reported a few days ago.

The fingerprint sensor could actually be used in a number of ways, including using different fingerprints for different functions. This, added with the new Activation lock, adds yet another layer of security to the iOS firmware.

Tell us what you think? Is it a good idea? Or is it just a way of keeping the Apple name fresh in everyone’s minds ?