iPhone 6 Features We Want to See

The next flagship model from Apple, the iPhone 6, or iPhone 5S,  is expected to be released sometime this fall, alongside a budget iPhone and, of course, iOS 7. Whatever model it is has some stiff competition to face right now so it’s going to have to be packed with some pretty special hardware and features if Apple is to hold on to the market.

So, regardless of what it will actually feature, let’s have a look at some of the things we think the iPhone 6 should have:

iOS 7 : The generation of iOS operating system 

iphone 5 ios 7

A bit of a no-brainer this one because any new handset that comes out now is going to have iOS 7 on it, unless they release it before the firmware is rolled out – not likely. It’s an Apple habit to release a new model phone with a new firmware.

Bigger Storage :

nand-flash-memory iphone 6 128 Gb

As more and more people are using smartphones as music and video storage and as a camera it makes sense to introducing a larger storage option for those that want to pay for it. Failing that, they could increase the amount of free iCloud storage they offer for free – at the moment it is 5GB.

A7 chip :

apple a7 processor

With all the new features added in the iPhone 6 is going to need something special at its heart and the A7 chip is the obvious place to go.

Bigger and Better Camera :

iphone 6 camera

The camera could be increased to 12 megapixels and new technology for remote control, low-lighting and extra illumination added in.

Bigger Display :

iphone 6 screen size iphone 5s

While a large screen may be welcomed by some it probably won’t happen in the foreseeable future.  Apple won’t risk losing resolution and quality just for a bigger screen.

Wireless Charging :

wireless charging iphone 6

Everybody would welcome this feature and Apple have filed a Patent for wireless charging technology. Whether we’ll see it anytime soon is another matter.