iPhone 6 Expected Features in 2014

According to a mixture of rumor and report, it looks as though we are finally going to see a larger screen iPhone sometime this year.  The general consensus seems to be that we will see two models of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7” display and one with 5.5”. To put it all together, here is a complete list of what we know or have been told about the iPhone 6.

Display :


When the first iPhone was launched, it came with a 3.5” screen, which, for its time, was a reasonable size.  By the time the iPhone 5 came out the screen size had grown to 4”. The rumored sizes for the iPhone 6 indicate that Apple is finally bringing their iPhone up to compete, size wise at least, with the rest of the competition.

According to a recent report, the screen resolutions for reach new model would be:

  • 4.7”     750 x 1338
  • 5.5”     878 x 1567


According to a report in Bloomberg towards the end of last year, the iPhone 6 will have a curved form factor, more specifically with a curved display.  The Wall Street Journal has since knocked this report back.

iPhone-6 picture (3)

Some rumors say the iPhone 6 will be the thinnest yet, at just 6.1mm, and, with a larger form, the battery could be made thinner but cover more area, so as to accommodate a slimmer overall design.


iphone 6 2014 (3)

It looks as though Apple are sticking with the 8 megapixel iSight camera but, with the iPhone 6 there is talk of optical image stabilization. A patent that has been filed backs this up but there is nothing to say it will definitely be the iPhone 6 that gets it, it may be a later model.


It is thought that, in line with previous upgrades, the new iPhone will have a new processor, namely the A8. It will be much smaller and much more energy-efficient than the line that is used now.

We could also see a much-improved PowerVR GPU, supplied by Imagination Technologies, which will be up to 50% faster than the current GPU.

a8 gpu cpu iphone 6

We could also probably expect to see the RAM increased to 2 GB.

Sapphire Glass


One of the biggest claims on the Apple warranty is for screen repair or replacement and, one way that Apple is looking at reducing the damage is by replacing the Gorilla Glass they use now with Sapphire glass.

We already know that they are going to be manufacturing Sapphire in Arizona and have already begun purchasing the furnaces and other necessary equipment.  Apple already uses Sapphire in smaller parts on the iPhone and it has been proven to be more than twice as strong as gorilla glass. You can see a video below, showing you just how strong it is. There is another school of thought that says a sapphire screen could also be used in solar charging.

And the Rest

According to reports:

  • The iPhone 6 will have Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Touch sensors will become pressure sensitive iphone 6 2014 (2)

Release date

Apple’s normal release schedule is September, for both devices and firmware. However, some people are saying that the iPhone 6 will launch midyear, possibly at WWDC and will come with iOS 7.2.

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  1. Looking forward to the iPhone 6. I still have an iPhone 4 and it really needs replacing. I was going to get the 5s but I would like a bigger screen. Apple better deliver come iPhone 6.

  2. I echo what Wrx7182 has said. This is exactly how I feel. Apple has offered nothing since the iPhone 4 to make people want to upgraade. People didn’t want a ‘longer’ screen, we wanted a ‘larger’ screen. Apple better step up and start taking customer demands into consideration and deliver with the iPhone 6. If not, I suspect they’ll loose a large chunk of their customers to the competition. I know I’m already frustrated enough to jump off the Apple boat.

  3. well finally a larger screen, I got galaxy s1 cuz it has a 4″ screen just as the iphone 5 did, but even though 4.7″ is not for me, I’m looking for 5.5″ just as galaxy note 2. bigger is better and I don’t give a care to other features, I’m just waiting for bigger screen+better battery 😀 xxx

  4. Apple are it seems to be playing the waiting game, that is that battery design and performance, screen size, sapphire glass, processors have come along way and apple seem now it’s worth a full upgrade for the iPhone, like many people have said since there was a big jump from iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 and to be frank the IPhone S series did not cut it for me.
    So will Apple supprise us……..I think so.

    The judge
    “I’ll be the judge of that”

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