iPhone 6 Design with Edge-to-Edge Retina 2 Screen

Sometime in the 4th quarter of 2013, it is expected that Apple will release the iPhone 5S, the update to the iPhone 5. It’s thought that it will look very much like the iPhone 5 but with some upgraded internal hardware and a few new features, one of which is rumored to be a fingerprint sensor.


Next year, Apple will launch the iPhone 6, the next generation of iPhone. It’s expected that, as with any major release, it will be something quite different from the previous one. To that end, the concept designers are gearing up to give us their renditions of what they think it should look like and what it should feature. One very nice looking design that has come to our attention is one by designer Johnny Plaid.

His concept features a true edge-to-edge design, multi-touch sensors and a Retinal 2 display. The sensors will take the place of the home button and he has also included a new charger based on MagSafe.

iphone-6-iphone-mini-concept-e2e-1 iphone-6-concept-e2e-12 iphone-6-concept-e2e-6 iphone-6-concept-e2e-5 iphone-6-concept-e2e-10 iphone-6-concept-e2e-11



Some of the features of Johnny Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept :

  • Edge-to-edge means the display size can be increased without making the iPhone much bigger
  • Its thinner than the iPhone 5
  • LED flash move to the right and there’s a noise-cancellation mic mesh
  • REALD and Retina 2 display
  • MagSafe charger
  • No Home button, instead 4 sensors for multi-touch gestures
  • Also includes an iPhone 6 Mini, a smaller version of his design

Over the years there have been loads of iPhone concepts and, just recently, quite a few iPhone 6 ones. This one, however, appears to be one of the most revolutionary concepts so far. What are your thoughts on it? Is it practical, something you could use? Is it something that Apple could come up with? Or is it just another one of those fanciful dreams that will never become reality ?

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