iPhone 6 will be First Apple Phablet for One-Hand Use

With the iPhone 5S and 5C released into the wilds and the new iPads and Macs announced attention is now turning to the next generation iPhone 6.  According to rumors and to the analysts, it will be a phablet, sporting a 5” full HD Retina display.  This is something that Apple has always steered away from, making large unwieldy smartphones.  But it seems that this is what people want, larger displays that are easier to see so perhaps the California company will bow down to pressure this time.

Image : iPhone 6 Phablet Size

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5

Apparently the display screen will be supplied by LG Display, a company that are also purported to be close to striking a deal with Apple over the supply of screens for the iWatch.  However, although this one will be a 5” screen, it will be a little different to the enormous Android phones that have displays measuring 5” diagonally.

Apple is still working on the principle that people should be able to use their iPhones with one hand.  A report on the subject has been published by Mac Fan, a Japanese magazine, and subsequently repeated by Makotakara who are pretty accurate when it comes to Apple stuff.  The report tells us that Apple engineers are supposedly working on making the edges of the new iPhone 6 extremely thin, perhaps using edge-to-edge display designs.

Image : iPhone 6 Phablet Size

iPhone-6 phablet

The iPhone 6 will apparently be marketed as the very first phablet that can be used single-handed and, if the analysts are to be believed, we will get our hands on in September 2014.  Tha said, Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, has predicted a summer release, which goes against all tradition for Apple who prefers to release their new products in the fall.  However, it must be noted that Munster appears to be losing his edge a little as many of his latest predictions have been nowhere near the mark.

Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities on the other hand, predicted back in September that we would see a larger screen iPhone next year, perhaps at 4.5-5”.  At the time he stated that the device would not be any bigger than 5” because of Tim Cook’s “unwavering principle of one-hand use”.

Be fair to the Cupertino company, when they produced the iPhone 5 with its bigger screen, they made it taller rather than wider, allowing users to continue being able to use it single-handedly.  Together with that, they produced a short ad, entitled Thumbs, to show off the one-handed approach:

What do you think?  Are you happy with the current 4” display or would you prefer to see a larger screen iPhone?

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  1. I believe in Steve Jobs Resurrection. He shall rise and kill’s Ive and Tim! Say “NO” to ShovelPhone!

  2. I would not buy anything larger than the iPhone 5/5s. I love that I can reach anywhere on the screen with just my one thumb, and when I slip it into my suit jacket pocket (or any pocket) it practically disappears.

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