Report Reveals Apple is Indeed Working on a Plastic iPhone

Adding to the recent rumors that a budget iPhone is in production comes a report from China Labor Watch, a New York based labor rights organization.  The report says that CLW were asked to investigate conditions for workers at Pegatron and in their findings made some references to an iPhone made from plastic. We know that one of these does not exist yet. The report alludes to workers saying that one of their jobs was to attach protective film onto the rear of the plastic iPhone case so it didn’t get scratched on the assembly line.

Image : Budget iPhone 5C with FCC Markings

iphone-mini white

It would be sensible for Apple to produce a lower cost iPhone as it would increase their share of the market. This is similar to what happened with the iPod – prices dropped significantly so that just about anybody could afford to buy one and that seems to be the way ahead with the iPhone.

It is expected that the new cheap iPhone will cost somewhere between $300 and $350, SIM free. If it were to be sold on contract it should be priced at under $100 or even free on some contracts. It’s previously been reported that it would be made from polycarbonate instead of aluminum and glass. A very recent leaked image apparently showed a bin full of discarded casings showing the name of the iPhone to be the 5C, although closer inspection of the image did throw up some irregularities.

Image : Leaked images of iPhone 5C plastic casing


There have also been several other leaked images recently, showing the display and a number of plastic shells in different colors. This further confirms the rumor that I will be available in a similar range of colors as the iPod Touch. However, it isn’t always possible to tell if an image is genuine or fake so it’s best to take most of these with a pinch of salt.