iPhone 5C Release Expected in Mid September

Apple seem to be running into problems with production just lately. Following on from the issues surrounding production of the iPhone 5 last year, Foxconn are currently recruiting in excess of 90,000 extra workers for the iPhone 5C. However, Pegatron, another of their production companies has now been accused of violating labor rights.  China Labor Watch went in undercover to investigate the issues.

Image : Foxconn recruiting Employees for iPhone 5C Production


Like Foxconn, Pegatron have been accused of bad working conditions and poor treatment of their employees. Pay for the job is low and, according to the report the conditions are not much better.

However, something else came out of the report – news of the iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone that is rumored to be in production at the moment. One of the undercover investigators commented on the fact that they were working on a plastic covered iPhone that would soon be released. According to the report, it is not in mass production, although other models appear to be.

Image : iPhone 5C Case listed on Amazon product page  .

iphone 5c white case

The name of the iPhone 5C comes from an image that was leaked the other day of a bin full of discarded iPhone packaging. The packing had the moniker iPhone 5C imprinted on it, leading to the conclusion that this is the name of the new budget model.

iPhone 5C Price Expectation :

To date, we have no official confirmation of the budget iPhone.  We have rumors and leaked images of a plastic shell and more rumors of a reduction in the hardware spec. We also have images and rumors of a phone of many colors and a price tag of between $3-350 for contract free and perhaps $1-150 for a contract version.

The iPhone 5C is rumored to be releasing on September 18th although 27th is probably nearer the mark. Apple will most likely announce the lineup on 18th and release a week later.