FoxConn Hiring 90,000 Workers to Facilitate iPhone 5C Production

It looks like something is definitely going on over at Foxconn; a Taiwan based report tells us that they are on a recruitment drive to assist with production for the next range of iPhone’s. It’s widely thought this will be the iPhone 5C , the upgrade to the iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone , although there are some who believe that this will be ditched in favor of the iPhone 6.

iphone_5c production foxconn

Focus Taiwan, a Taiwanese publication, reports that sources say Foxconn are looking to report in the region of 90,000 extra employees to get the iPhone 5C off the ground and produced in time for a fall release.

The report says that Foxconn, otherwise known as Hon Hai Group, is recruiting employees to work at their complex in Shenzhen. This is where the iPhone and iPad are assembled for Apple. Apparently they are looking for large numbers of staff to keep up with large riders coming in from Apple for a new iPhone.

This confirms an earlier report that came in from China Business News who also said that a recruitment drive would be getting under way. The general consensus of opinion seems to be that, because of the mess Foxconn made of the production of the iPhone 5 it could do with all the help it can get its hands on.

foxconn employees

Foxconn may have been tasked with producing the iPhone 5C but Apple have gone in a different direction for the budget iPhone; Pegatron are building that one although there is no evidence that its anything to do with performance at Foxconn or if it’s just Apple’s normal way of diversifying.

It’s expected that both of the new iPhone’s will be released in the fall. The budget iPhone, apparently called the 5C is plastic and will be available in several colors and the iPhone 6 may have a fingerprint sensor.