iPhone 5 Compared with iPhone Mini – Difference

There seems to be a glut of leaked images showing budget iPhone cases doing the rounds at the moment. Techdy, an electronics company has just released another one that they say belongs to the budget handset. However, these images were soon shown to be just a publicity stunt, in light of the fact that Techdy are now selling an Android handset that looks a lot like the upcoming cheap Apple handset.



A new set has been revealed, showing what looks to be an iPhone 5 nest to the case of another iPhone and, unlike some of the recent images, this show a lot of detail.  The images were originally posted y Weekly ASCII, a Japanese magazine and have since appeared on the site of Makotakara.

Looking at the image we can see that the yellow budget case features far fewer holes on the microphone and speaker grill. The SIM tray is also on the opposite side to that of the iPhone 5. Of course, this could be the case for the iPhone 5S which is apparently going to be available in a choice of colors.

However, unless it’s undergone another complete redesign, if this case were the iPhone 5S the volume buttons would be rounded. The rear of the plastic shell features a series of holes that match to the 5S motherboard layout. Unfortunately, it’s plastic.



There are no clues that Apple are producing the iPhone 5S in anything other than the standard aluminum design so the only real conclusion is that this must be of the budget iPhone and that it has the same design of logic board that the iPhone 5 has. It won’t however have the camera spec or the latest chip of the iPhone 5.

Of course, these images could just be of another replacement part.




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