iPad Wi Fi Problem Solution and Tips to Improve Connectivity

After getting their hand upon Apple ipad , many users are having issues with wifi connectivity in their Ipad’s. While the Apple iPad was successfully launched, but a dark cloud is hovering over its features and use. User’s complainted that the tablet cannot maintain a steady Wi-Fi connection.


A number of Apple customers groaned this week about their iPad’s erratic behavior when connecting to Wi-Fi. Many new iPad users are finding that the tabet’s Wi-Fi performance isn’t always up to par with other devices .

Internet support forums, including Apple’s own, are flooded with complaints of poor Wi-Fi performance. Meanwhile, to rectify the iPad’s Wi-Fi problem, Apple has come up with a support bulletin. Faulty wifi on the iPad has raised eyebrows of many iPad critics.

Connecting iPad to your router and is the Wi-Fi connection reliable ?

Here is some steps for better connectivity on your iPad.

  1. Update Your Router’s Firmware
  2. Change The Router’s Location. Keep in close proximity to your iPad
  3. Set Your Router To Operate On One 802.11 Standard Mode
  4. Change Your Router’s Security Encryption keys
  5. Rename Your Networks to be discoverable by your device