iPad Unboxing Video iPad Pictures

This is one of the first Unboxing Video since the launch of Apple iPad .

Apple says the 150000+ apps currently in the Apple Store (for iPhone) will work with the iPad. The iPad With a revolutionary 9.7″ touch screen & amazing new apps, does things no tablet PC or netbook could. Apple’s new touch-screen device has the potential to change portable computing profoundly.

Sources say it’s also possible that HP and Dell are looking ahead to the next next big thing: with Apple’s iPad looming large. iPad has Apple’s ARM-based processor with integrated GPU.

What does the iPad look like ?

IMAGINE the screen of a Mac Book Pro minus the keyboard & you’d have a good idea what the iPad is like . From the realm of sci-fi to Steve Jobs’ stage: The iPad is now officially released.


After nearly a decade of rumors and speculation, Apple’s finally unveiled the iPad . Is Apple really planning to cut the price of its iPad tablet ? I cant say , but they must for the sake of its fans and make iPad a practical purpose .The new tablet is a powerful tool to get consumers to buy content that’s exclusive to Apple .

Consumers get the choice between the Wi-Fi-only and 3G versions of the iPad tablet from Apple.

Apple – iPad – Price starting at $499



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