iPad Mini 2 Backplate Leaked

Yesterday we saw images of the iPad 5th Generation, expected to go into production sometime in the fourth quarter. It looked somewhat different from what the current iteration looks like, much slimmer and looking very much like a larger version of the iPad Mini.  The images were revealed by a website called FanaticFone and today they have let us see some more.

Image : iPad Mini 2 Backplate compares with iPad 5 Backplate


Only this time, these are of the back plate for the new iPad Mini 2. No surprises, it doesn’t look any different from the first iPad Mini. If you are looking closely though you’ll have noticed that, compared to the iPad Mini that is already out, the Apple Logo on this back plate is not reflective. This could mean it’s a prototype.

Not too much is known about the specs the iPad Mini 2 will have. It’s a pretty certain bet, corroborated by the Wall Street Journal, usually accurate in their reports, that it will have  a Retina display. Many were disappointed that the first iPad Mini didn’t have this, saying they found it difficult to look at.



Another rumor tells us that there will be, not one but two iPad Mini’s. One will the same non-retina display of the current iPad Mini but will be faster. This will be the “cheap” version. The other one will have the Retina display and a faster chip and is likely to be priced at around $329 – the same as the current iPad.

Other rumors surrounding the iPad Mini 2 is that it may be available in a variety of different colors, the same as the iPhone 5C, the budget handset. There is also talk of it sporting the same 8 megapixel iSight camera that is currently on the iPhone 5.

As soon as we get official confirmation of the iPad Mini we’ll let you know.