iPad Ebook Downloads Made Easy

Apple says the iPad has a “high-resolution, LED-backlit screen that displays text and imagesĀ  in sharp vivid color, so it’s easy to read anything on a iPad screen, even under low light. This comes as a great comfort for ebook readers who can practically carry thousands of ebooks , i.e. digitized form of paperbackĀ  editions , on their 16GB iPads. You can get access to thousands of eBooks, comic books, and newspapers and download them straight from your iPad device.

The Apple iPad next to the Kindle DX.

MyPad is the leading download service for thousands of public libraries worldwide. Want to download unlimited ebooks for your own iPad ? Download pre-formatted ebooks for reading on your iPad, iphone 3GS , computer, smartphone or e-reading device. The overall e-book downloads worldwide suggests the iPad is more suited to the occasional reader than the avid one. MyPAD Media will provide you instant access to thousands of ebooks.

Features of Mypad Media :

  1. Access to the fastest iPad downloads on the web
  2. Members have unlimited access with no restrictions
  3. Unlimited free Novels, Comics, Newspapers & more
  4. Huge Media Selection

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