Ipad Clothing | Ipad Wear to Carry Your Ipad

Are you looking for an easy way to carry your iPad? Here we list some easy, comfortable ways to store your iPad on the go. Five Ways to Wear Your iPad.

The vest is set for a July 1st release , the perfect time to wear winter outerwear.

Designer sweatshirt with an window like pocket in the front so you could wear your iPad facing outward and have it displayed.

ipad wear

iTee and iDress are perfect storage for the iPad. iClothing provides an easy, comfortable way to store your iPad on the go.

ipad wear

ipad wear

Ipad coat with custom made large pocket to hold iPad. Slide in your ipad easily and carry it as you go without anyone noticing it.

ipad wear

Customized single back pocket jeans to hold your ipad .



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