iPad 5 Backplate Leaked – Similar to iPad Mini

Over the last few months, the Apple rumor mill has been working overtime. As well as all the talk about the new iPhone’s that are supposedly being released, the iPad range has gotten a few mentions as well. The normal size iPad has always been on the chunky side but, next to the slim line iPad Mini, it looks all out of proportion.

ipad 5 backplate

ipad 5 case

ipad 5 picture

We’ve heard talk of an iPad 5th Generation being produced and it will have a design that makes it look just like the iPad Mini.  To back that up FanaticFone have passed on some images that have been leaked, showing the rear case of the upcoming iPad 5.

iPad 5 Features :

Apparently the dimensions of the brand new iPad 5 will be a little smaller than the current one. It will measure in at approximately 240 mm x 168 mm whereas the current offering is 241.2 mm x 185.7 mm. That means they have managed to shave 18 millimeters off the size.

The big question is – when is the iPad 5 going to be released. If we’re seeing images of the rear case it surely can’t be too far away. The iPad 4 was released in November 2012 and the iPad Mini, with its 7.9” screen came out at the same time. We know that the iPad Mini 2 Retina display is in the works and is expected to be announced in the fall so it’s more than likely that the iPad 5 will join it.

The new iPad 5 is rumored to have the same Retina screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 as the iPad 4 has and, to take into account its slimmer design, it may have a GF2 touchscreen, the same as the iPad Mini. There’s also the possibility of an 8 megapixel rear camera and storage up to 128 GB. This is speculation at the moment, we’ll know more in September.