Install GameBoy Advance Emulator for iPhone

Everybody loves the old retro games such as the old GameBoy Advance ones. However, Apple, with their long list of restrictions, has taken the decision not to allow retro games or emulators in the App store. Up until now, the only way you could play them was if your device was jailbroken.

gba emulator iphone 6 jailbreak

Now you can install a GBA emulator without having to be jailbroken. Called GBA4iOS, it works on the iPhone and iPod Touch and also includes file sharing through iTunes, “Open in” ROM integration and many other features.  Here’s how to get it:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Now open this link
  3. Scroll down past the list to where it says README and you will see a button labeled INSTALL APP gbaemulator-ios-nojb-01
  4. Tap the button and you will be taken to a new location
  5. Now the GitHub repo will be cloned and you will see a button that says NEXT – tap it gbaemulator-ios-nojb-02
  6. Tap on INSTALL APP VIA OTA and our will be asked for permission to continue gbaemulator-ios-nojb-03
  7. Say yes and the app will begin downloading.
  8. When complete, launch the app and, using that iTunes file sharing feature or through Safari, find and load GBA ROMS gbaemulator-ios-nojb-04 gbaemulator-ios-nojb-06

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Update : Apple has cracked down on services that abused Enterprise Distribution Program to let users install GBA emulator on their non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad . So the above mentioned process may no longer work for you.