India bans Chinese mobiles

Government on India has banned Mobile handsets without the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, which helps authorities to track the sale and use of the phones, cannot be imported from now on.

An estimated 8 lakh cell phones are imported in the country every month from China, and around 250 lakh handsets are already in use. These are unbranded and sub standard mobiles which don’t follow any norms of radiation or safety for its users either.

Security agencies had raised an alarm over the use of these phones, many of which, they said, were being used by terrorists to set off bombs and communicate among them as happened in during last years Mumbai Attacks. These sets do not have a 15-digit IMEI number

which is mandatory for cell phone production, or have cloned numbers, thus causing the authorities difficulty to track the sale or usage of such phones.

GSM Operators like Airtel and Vodafone has said that hey would deny connectivity to cell phones without an IMEI number.

You can easily locate the IMEI number of any mobile device by opening its back cover and removing the battery.Normally the IMEI number is written in a white sticker behind the battery of a cellphone as shown in the picture.

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