IE 8 The safest browser against social engineered malware threat

internet explorer 8 logo In the cyber-war for the best browser having better protection against spywares and malwares, Microsoft has come up with a new version of Internet Explorer version 8.

It is a feature rich browser with advanced security functions. This browser uses Smart Screen filter, a new technology to filter out deceptive social engineering attacks by cyber criminals without compromising your privacy and identity on the web.

Microsoft claims the browser to be faster than its older sibling IE 7 with had issues with frequent browser crashes. The new browser has better crash recovery features for a stable browsing session.IE 8 is more user-friendly and with a more intuitive bar. You can even customize it with several addons just like its close competitor Mozilla Firefox.

We can sum up this new browser release as better security features, privacy and ease of use with high performance reliable browsing.

Download IE8 for Free Here



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