How to Wirelessly Transfer Upload Videos to iPhone on VLC

A little while ago, following a ban by Apple, VLC reappeared on the App store.  VLC is one of the most powerful media players there is and the app contains nearly all of the desktop features that VLC has for the iPhone and the iPad.  One of the best features is the incorporation of Wi-Fi upload, something that is now supported on nearly all media players. Wi-Fi upload is completely wireless, there’s no need for syncing or for copying and pasting. All you need is a working Wi-Fi network which your PC and iPhone or iPad should be connected to.  So, let’s see how it all works .

Steps to Upload Videos to iPhone using VLC Web Server Interface :

  1. First download VLC for iPhone and iPad vlc for iphone 6 (1)
  2. Now you need to check that Wi-Fi Upload is enabled. Open VLC on your device, tap on the VLC icon at the top and toggle the Wi-Fi Upload switch to ON. vlc for iphone 6 (2)

Make sure you write down the IP address you see on the screen – you will need it for the next step.

File Transfers Using VLC : 

This step explains the process of file upload to VLC server created by the VLC app on your iPhone . The iPhone should be connected to the same WiFi router as your computer , so that the files can be uploaded. The upload speed depends on the WiFi speed of your network .

  1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad and computer are connected
  2. On your desktop computer open your web browser
  3. Type in the IP address you wrote down earlier – it will look like ( the xx will be numbers as well) vlc pc file upload
  4. You will now see a user interface for VLC
  5. Click UPLOAD or, if you find it easier, open the folder location of the files you want to transfer and just drag and drop it in
  6. VLC will now transfer the file to your iPhone or iPad.

When the transfer has been completed open VLC on your device and you should see the transferred files. If they are incompatible with your device they will not be listed even if the transfer was successful so ensure you are using compatible files before you begin.