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Use Ovi Maps for Voice Guided Navigation in Nokia 5800

Recently Nokia announced free version of its Maps application for GPS enabled nokia phones. I own a nokia 5800 , and wanted to try this out. GPS data is not available in small cities and town, but has good signal quality in Metro’s , all over India and other places of the world. To get free GPS Navigation with voice guided instructions , you need to download the voice data pack using ovi application on your pc , and then download the free ovi maps for your country.

After you have downloaded the required data , you have to  install ovi maps 3.03 from existing 2.0 – 3.0. Nokia has announced free navigation starting with ovi maps 3.03.

Here is a snapshot of what it actually looks like while using the GPS enabled navigation inside a car while driving through the streets following voice instruction. Though it helped me , the driver already knew the route. This GPS enabled navigation comes handy for tourists who can easy find themselves missing in a new place , and can navigate easily without anyone’s help.

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