How to Use GPS for Navigation in Nokia 5800

GPS_Icon_preview For many days after getting my Nokia 5800 I tried to figure out what does the GPS navigation function do in my phone. Initially I thought it was a stunt since the application always displayed “Waiting for GPS”. One fine day, when I was sitting on the roof top mingling around with my phone, I started getting some satellite information. And the navigation icon appeared at last. Today in this post I will explain how things worked for me, and how you can use the same for your Nokia 5800 for navigation purpose.

Update : NowFree Voice Guided Navigation on Nokia Ovi Maps

Steps to use GPS navigation function in Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

1. To navigate from one point to the other we need the co-ordinates (latitude, longitude) of the location.

2. To find the co-ordinates of the location, I use Google maps for mobile. Find my starting and destination location. For doing that just find the point in Google Maps using the application installed on your Symbian Phone.Tap in the point and choose “Set as favorite” option.

3. This location will then be saved along with Co-ordination information in your phone.

4. Now close the application and open menu>applications>location>GPS Data in your mobile phone.

5. Now choose navigation icon. Select option and set destination>landmark.


6. Here you will find the favorite location that you saved in Step 2.


7. Choose a location and wait for your device to synchronize with the GPS satellites. Please that GPS usually don’t work indoor and in poor weather conditions. Also Nokia 5800 has assisted GPS system which is not that quick. You got to have some patience.


8. Once the Red compass appears you can start moving with your device in the direction of the red dot that appears pointing to your destination location.


Hope this will help few of you those who are lost somewhere in someplace of the world.