How To Turn Off Google Buzz in Gmail | Stop The Annoying Buzz

Google Buzz has hardly taken the world by storm. Blogs & Tech sites are being flooded with complaints over its privacy and other issues. Google’s been bragging about how many users are on its new Google Buzz service, but a lot of those want to turn off Google Buzz in their Gmail Account . Google’s new Twitter-like tool in Gmail, called Google Buzz, has prompted some privacy advocates to cry foul. Imagine you’ve woken up one fine morning to find that you now have Google Buzz in your Gmail , with the result that your inbox is cluttered with updates you don’t want.


Google has changed the procedure to disable Google Buzz. We have Tips to enable or disable Google Buzz in your Gmail account. Let’s say that you don’t want to use Google Buzz within Gmail , you can then follow the simple process to disable this annoying little service from Google.

Steps to Turn Off Google Buzz in Gmail :

1. Login to your Gmail Account.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

3. Click on “Turn Off buzz