How to Subscribe to your Favorite Blogs Using Feeds

Ever since the release of LiveJournal in 1999, online blogging has been steadily becoming a powerful method of social interaction between Internet users. Recent studies show that somewhere around 77% of Internet users read a blog.

With over one million original blog posts a day around the Internet, it may start to seem like a daunting task to follow your favorite topics, whether its politics, technology, sports, or business.

Check out this picture, which shows some impressive statistics:

However, there have been many programs and websites set up that will allow you to track your favorite blogs in one place using subscriptions. If you notice, we have a link to subscribe to our RSS Feed. Using this link, you can updates every time there is a new post on our blog via your preferred RSS reader.

This article has two main goals:

  • Tell you how to find the best blogs that write about what you want to read.
  • How to consolidate all your subscriptions in an easy to read manner.

How to Find Your Favorite Blogs

As you might have guessed, there are websites that keep track of the most popular blogs on the Web. One of my favorites and probably the most well known of the blog cataloging websites is Technorati.

Technorati tracks down the latest articles from every website, the top blogs from every blog, and the top blogs in every category. Let’s assume that we want to find a blog about politics.

We click on the politics link in the top navigation bar and notice the “Top Political Blogs Section.”

Now, click on any of these. As an example, let’s click on “The Huffington Post” and follow the links to their website. Almost all blogs have a very visible subscribe button or an orange RSS button (like the one next to my subscribe link). Huffington’s is on the right, in the “Follow” Section. Clicking on this takes you to a page with all the feed options.

Choose any and follow the address. I chose the first “Full Blog Updates” which took me to website’s feedburner page. Now, copy the URL, and let’s go step two, adding it to a news reader.

Consolidate your Subscriptions with Google Reader

I decided to use Google reader because most people are familiar with the wide array of services Google offers (Gmail, Adwords, Blogger, Orkut, etc). Point your browser to and sign – in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, make an account, chances are you will be using one of Google’s services in the near future, and the all inclusive user name comes in very handy.


Click on add a subscription in the upper left corner and insert the code you just copied into the feed url. Then click add. You will notice about ~10 new items on the right side where it says “All items.”

Directly below the above screen, there is an area called “Subscriptions” where you can manage your subscriptions. You can even click explore and “Recommended Sources” to find blogs about topics you like.

Congratulations! You have added a subscription to Google Reader (a content aggregator). In the future, you can just click + Google on the Feedburner page to add feeds to your Google Reader.

I hope this article was useful. I know it can be confusing, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. If you are familiar with RSS readers, let us know which ones you use or recommend a topic for a future article .