How to Stay Safe from Online Phishing and Scam Sites

How long you have been trying to get rid of online scam sites and phishing sites ? By now you must have tried numerous antivirus and firewalls to protect you. Many of which failed. Moreover the antiviruses are not free, and you have to purchase them to find that they don’t give a 100% solution to your problem. There is a better way to get some protection while surfing online. Open DNS is a free online service which makes your network more safe, secure and reliable. They use sophisticated technology to filter out offensive content that might compromise your browsing.

A Sample Open DNS Alert page shown below while opening a malicious site.

All you need to do is change your default dns settings to the name servers of OPEN DNS (, It makes your browsing even faster and more reliable.

How to change your dns settings in XP here
How to change your dns settings in Vista here
More info : Open Dns Site

See learn more about Phishing , See this cool video:

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