How To Start A Blog and Get Indexed By Google in 30 Seconds

Yes , its true . I challenge anyone and everyone , that with proper SEO Blog Optimization , anybody can get their blog content indexed by Google in just 30 seconds of posting.

What’s the best and fastest way to get your site indexed by Google ?

30 seconds is all it should really take to get indexed by Google. I’ve bet you’ve heard from many people that it can take days, weeks, even months to get indexed by Google . You started a blog over a month ago and expected Google to index it pretty quickly . But nothing seemed to happen.

Sitemaps are an easy way for you to submit all your URL’s to the Google index & get detailed reports using Google Tools for Webmasters about the visibility of your pages on Google . Most new bloggers think that the only way to get indexed into Google search or any search engine is to submit there website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization pays a lot of attention to issues like duplicate content, link building, and link structure before getting indexed.

If you’re not familiar with how some bloggers accomplish getting their blog submitted to Google search engibe quickly, you are going to absolutely love reading this .

7 Points for getting Indexed By Google

1. Ping Google Bots when you publish a post

2. Write Original Content in regular intervals

3. Proper Meta Tags and Title Tags

4. Sitemap of proper format

5. Keyword Research before starting a blog

6. Keyword Optimized content

7. Search engine submission and proper pinging through sitemap generator



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