How to share Folder or Network drive in Windows XP

In this post i will explains how to share a drive or a folder on the network using Windows XP (both Home Edition and Windows XP Professional) by enabling simple file sharing. Windows XP Home Edition always uses simple file sharing which cannot be disabled.

Steps to share a drive or a folder on the network with Windows XP:

  1. In Windows Explorer locate the drive or folder you want to share.
  2. Now Right-click the drive or folder, and select Sharing and Security option. If you are sharing a drive, under the Sharing tab, click on relevant button
  3. Now under the Sharing tab, as shown in the picture , you can follow the steps given below:
    *  Share this folder on the network – This will allow your PC to share the contents of the drive or folder available to other computers on the network.
    *  Allow network users to change my files – This will allow computers in your network  to exchange files and data over the network. This option is only available when the “Share this folder on the network” checkbox is enabled.


4. Now Click Apply, & then click Ok.

Also Note :

*  Keep the share name within 12 characters for compatibility with other operating system.