How to Save Photos from Social Networking Sites

Because of various security lapses and misuse of pictures in various social networking sites , right click or even save image features were disabled.This is a very good thing but makes us helpless when we really want to have the pictures of our near and dear ones without their consent.Well i have written this trick not for those who would want to misuse them. Always remember that you can be traced back whatever evil you do over the internet. Google keeps logs of your activity for the last 6 months that you have already done and they have enough information. So just for fair reasons i am writing this article.

Lets Start

For this trick to work you will need Firefox, which many of you might have installed already in their pc.Till now you took screenshots and then saved them using MS Paint or use Windows Snipping tool for this purpose.But we have a simple technique here to save photos from websites.

Method 1 :

Step 1 .
Login to your Orkut/Facebook/Hi5 account.

Step 2 .

Go to the page where you want to save the image .In this case say its someone’s album. In Firefox menu bar select Tools -> select Page Info -> select Media -> scroll to get the photos you want to have -> select save as

Method 2 :





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