How to Run .DMG File | Convert it to .ISO and Burn on PC Using Magic ISO

This article will useful for those who want to convert a .DMG file that runs only on the MAC OS X Operating System. Following the method you can write the DMG file into a DVD as an ISO File. MagicISO is a Free Dmg to Iso converter. Download and follow the steps. This guide is for Windows users who might have downloaded a dmg file and wondering how to extract the content on their PC.

To Convert DMG To ISO Please follow the following steps :

1. Run MagicISO

2. Click to open DMG files.


3. Click to open "Properties" dialogs.

4. Uncheck Apple HFS and Apple HFS+

5. Check "ISO 9660" "Joliet" "UDF"

6. Select and Press OK

7. Click to save as to iso image. or click to burn to CD/DVD without saving.

Link : Download