How to promote your Affiliate Links

Since long i have not written anything for this blog.The reason behind this is my total dedication and time for my other tech blog OneTrickADay.But that’s a bad idea when i have some nice readers like you.Today i will discuss about how you can promote your affiliate links in an effective way.

Since long affiliate business has been a major reason for online success for many sites.Services and products are being sold online and the internet has become key area for various business opportunities.

An affiliate is one who brings business to a company by referring and sending potential customers to the seller.So whenever there is a sale , the person referring (affiliate)gets a portion of the sale in form of commission.

so if you are an affiliate , how are you going to refer more customers.Its has to be something very effective and free .

Here are few techniques I have used myself to promote affiliate links :

  1. Spamming – A complete No .The world hate spammers, so do I.
  2. Blogging – You can start a free blog in Blogger or wordpress.Since the beginning i have laid more stress on blogging because of a simple reason “Blogs are easy to create and maintain”.You an make free blogs and name them accordingly.If you want more freedom you can host your own blog.I would recommend WordPress for self hosted blogs as they are the best.I would be writing more about self hosted wordpress blogs and how to popularize your blog in the cyber space in my next posts.
  3. Google Adwords – You can advertise your products via the Google Adwords.Though its not free but stands effective if you want quick sales.



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