How to place a Bid in Rent A Coder

Few days back I wrote about RAC, a freelancing site for those looking to work online. Many of my readers joined the site but were unable to use it properly because of the crappy interface. In this tutorial I will explain how to choose your categories and work, and how to place a bid accordingly in few steps.

First login to RAC here.

Now select from the most recent jobs tab in top right corner.
In the next page select browse by work as shown in the image below :

Select the appropriate category and sub category to filter out work according to your ability.

Now get all the details of the job placed by buyers. Click on the title to read more or place a bid.

Fill in appropriate details and place a bid.

Wish you good luck for your first Job 🙂 .

Just remember that it takes several bids to land for a job .I joined RAC way back in 2008 and actually started working in May 2009. It’s only how polished your bidding style it which gets you a job.



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