How to make USB Bootable Installer for Windows Vista / Windows 7

bootable_usb_drive If your DVD ROM is not working or not detecting DVD disks and you want to boot directly from USB Drive to install windows xp / vista / windows 7  then this tutorial is for you.

You don’t have to install or do a lot of work. Follow just few simple steps to make a bootable memory stick and you can install windows without any delay.Here is a complete Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to do it .

Steps to Make Bootable USB

  1. First Format your USB drive as NTFS.
  2. Goto Start and type cmd . Now press Cltr+Shift+Enter to run command prompt in Administrator mode.
  3. Now in Command prompt, type: diskpart and press Enter. bootable_usb
  4. Now type list volume and press Enter. This will let you see all the drives and partitions.
  5. Now choose your usb device and type select volume 7 and press Enter again. In my case its volume 7.
  6. Now type active and press enter.

Create a Boot Sector in the active partition

  1. Now go to your DVD Drive or location of Windows Vista Installer and then go to the boot directory. In my case its M. C:\Windows\System32> m:bootable_usb_2
  2. F:\>cd boot
  3. F:\BOOT>bootsect /nt60 L:
  4. You have now successfully created a Boot Sector for the Vista Installer. Finally, Open Windows Explorer and go to the the Windows Vista Installer DVD Drive and Copy all files and folders onto the USB device and boot from USB.

This tutorial is applicable for both windows vista and windows 7 operating system. You may try your luck in windows XP but the boot manager has to be installed using vista / windows 7 installation directory or else it will not work.