How to Make Pocket Money at Home by doing Ciao Paid Surveys

There are hundreds of paid survey websites available on the web that lure you to pay  hundreds of bucks every month for filling short surveys which takes just 4-5 minutes . Out of these, most are fraud or scam survey job websites that will never pay you anything for the efforts just like A.W. Surveys.

My recommendation is before you join any paid survey website just don’t forget to confirm its  genuineness from reliable sources so that you keep away from Scam survey filling websites. You can check a website history, user comments & reviews by googling before trying any paid survey websites. One of the survey filling website which actually pays and you can try is Ciao Surveys. Ciao is a Microsoft Company which was recently incorporated with Bing.They have a minimum payout of Rs100 or $2 only paid Via India Times gift Certificates.Ciao Sends regular surveys in your inbox and i have made a few bucks with fun to do surveys in the past few months.

Surveys sent by Ciao are mostly objective where you have to choose from predefined options and make a choice.There is nothing like right or wrong choice but honest answers to their questions.

What are these surveys about ?

  1. Get the consumer view to tell companies what you expect from them and their products.
  2. Surveys influence the decisions of manufacturers from your answers relating to travel, hobbies,
    websites, food, any many other topics.

Ciao Surveys is part of the Greenfield Online group and a world leader in paid online surveys.

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