How to make money with Google Adsense

The first thing you would want to do after you start a blog is to make money with it . If your blog gets traffic you should monetize it . Google Adsense the CPC Revenue sharing program is one of the best online ad service services out there. It has the highest cost per click share and maximum ad fill rate , if you understand what that means . The relevancy of ads with your pages content is amazing , thus have higher chances of getting clicked and more earning for you.

However a new blogger must refrain from early monetization of his blog . This cause adverse effects on the blogs rankings in Google search results.

Google AdSense $107.51

Things before you try Google Adsense :

  1. Your blog site must have proper disclaimer and privacy policy pages.
  2. Content must be original and atleast 15 – 20 blog post / pages must be there .
  3. Blog must be 1-2 months old before you apply for Adsense .
  4. Site must have an “about me” page .

What if i dont get accepted

If still you dont get accepted  by the adsense review team , dont get disheartened , you always have a chance to correct the errors and re-apply . Adsense has strict policies for their publishers as where and how they place their ads .

Key things to remember

One must remember that the more information you have, the greater chance you have of attracting free search engine traffic . More traffic means more chances of your ads getting clicked . That’s why it’s so very important you choose a topic for your blog you have an interest in so you can keep building and building.