How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 in Windows 7

Sometime back i wrote about installing Google OS Chrome in Windows 7 . This time i will be giving a tutorial on installing Ubuntu 9.04 inside Windows 7. The method is quite similar to installing Google Chrome OS. Get a free Ubuntu Distro before you start the process. Please follow the step by step procedure given below.

Step 1 . Install Sun Virtual Box in your PC.

Step 2 . We name the new OS as Ubuntu

Step 3 . Allocate RAM for the virtual box . More RAM means better performance. Ubuntu requires least of your computers resources . 384 MB of ram is just sufficient to run ubuntu.

Step 4 . Create a new virtual boot disk and select Ubuntu from your CD Rom.

Step 5 . Once loaded , you are ready to start. Just click on the green arrow in the top of the screen and Chromium is ready to launch.

Step 6 . This is the Ubuntu Startup Screen .

Features : Ubuntu comes with pre-installed Firefox Browser. You can surf web pages smoothly from inside Ubuntu. This is how looks from inside Ubuntu.

Conclusion : In my personal opinion , i dont think there is a downside to Ubuntu , being the fact that it is free and ships at your place without any cost. With more and more vendor support for hardware and software , this lightweight OS will give a good challenge to Windows for systems used forĀ  basic things like word , spreadsheet , basic photo editingĀ  etc.



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