How to Improve your EVDO Speed

So after much annoyance i got my EVDO at last. The device looks the same , the old and bulky one from ZTE who are feared to place backdoor in their devices supplied to BSNL because of the ongoing tensions between India and China. In my previous experience i can say Chinese hardware is cheap but they underperform badly.

evdo zte

Well the moment i installed it and plugged in the device , i was waiting for surprises. As presumed , speed was too low , below 256 and that is unacceptable when i have taken this just to replace my ordinary unlimited 256 Kbps plan. As my nature, i am born to do experiments , though i will never be a scientist 🙂 , but in my own ways . I took my brothers laptop [Dell Inspiron 1425] and started moving to get better speeds all over the house , after all mobility is what EVDO provides. Here are few things i noticed that may improve your evdo speed.

Points to remember

  1. Height : Unless your covered with building from all directions , it makes no difference for your evdo device to catch signals , be it the 3rd floor or ground floor.
  2. Direction: In my experience direction is very important. Just keep pointing at the direction in with the actual transmitting tower is . Get knowledge from the BSNL authority and do a physical inspection by going to the actual base.Just remember that aerial distance matters , i.e. the straight view .
  3. Keep away from electromagnetic disturbance. As you must be knowing wireless devices start malfunctioning near strong electronic waves. So keep them away from devices like speakers,CRT monitors, ups, tube light. Illuminating devices have pulsating waves coming out of them so its better to keep away from them.

Following these few basic steps i started getting good speed.

These are the test results from Though ping duration is tool slow and avoid having an EVDO if you are aiming for multiplayer gaming.

I was getting 220 KBps + with torrents , though i do not have the screen shot of that [forgot to have one out of joy :)].I did nt have any port forwarding or blocked port issue till now , but i will keep you updated.

bsnl evdo speed test


    If you are looking for better torrent speed try using uTorrent client rather than Bittorrent. Interface of both the torrent clients is more or less same. As i have already mentioned , i am getting better speed with uTorrent [220 KBps and above i.e. Kilo Bytes Per Sec ]

    Well on the first day of use , that is what i have to say. But i will just keep adding as i go and my experiments succeed
    Have fun with your EVDO , its good .



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